Can't Get MATIC to Trezor wallet from FTX

Hi. Relative newbie here. I had some MATIC on FTX and requested a withdrawal. FTX asked for an ERC20 address and I provided what my Trezor said it was. I never received the MATIC and opened up a support ticket with FTX and they told me this:

*This withdrawal was sent on the Polygon network which is why it is not showing.If you are able to access the Polygon account on the device & the address is the same as your ETH address, the funds will show. * This is because Polygon is an EVM (ethereum virtual machine) blockchain and can use the same address for both. If this is the case, the funds will be in your Polygon account.

What next steps must I take with my Trezor to grab this MATIC off of the Polygon network?

Hi @rss7

The easiest way would be to connect to MEW and set desired network there as described in the following post:

Thank You… I was able to connect my Trezor to Metamask. Metamask can see the MATIC Mainnet. While in Metamask I can now see the MATIC tokens I was looking for. Is my next step:

  1. Do nothing because I see MATIC and I want to HODL them.
  2. Somehow transfer them to my Trezor (or are they actually on the Trezor and I can only see them by using Metamask)?

Almost there - I think?

You are absolutely correct.

Your tokens are actually already on your Trezor (precisely they are on blockchain address that is derived from private key stored securely offline on your device), you just can’t access them (thus manage operations with them) using Trezor Suite.

That’s why another interface (such as MetaMask, MEW or MyCrypto) has to be used.

So what you want to do with them (hodl, transfer, trade) is entirely up to you :wink:

So before I saw your response I connected my Trezor, went into Metamask, and tried to “send” the Matic from Metamask address to my Trezor address. Looks like this request was accepted and now Metamask is telling me that the transaction is “pending”. Sound right?

yes, it simply means that your transaction has not been confirmed yet (it hasn’t been included in the block).

For more information see also following article:

So the transaction where I sent from Metamask to my Trezor completed. What I think I learned from that is that was pointless. I sent it from my Trezor to my trezor and it went on a ride though a blockchain. Agree?

And just for fun, I sent a few MATIC via Metamask to my Coinbase Pro account. When I did the Coinbase Pro deposit, the interface was clear and said “only send ERC20 tokens, if you sent MATIC tokens your funds will be lost forever”. I agreed to that and told Metamask to send 7 MATIC to the Coinbase Pro ERC20 address. Metamask tells me the transaction was confirmed (almost instantly). That was about 90 mins ago. I went to my coinbase PRO account and these 7 MATIC have not hit my Polygon portfolio. I am beginning to think they never will. Did I just end 7 MATIC into the Crypto bit bucket because these were not ERC20 tokens?

That’s right, since your tokens were already on your Trezor you have either just transferred it on different address (still on your Trezor) or to the same one thus you just burned some fee.

Most probably yes. However that is a question for Coinbase support.

So the bottom line is this I think:

  1. The Trezor can store MATIC non ERC-20 tokens
  2. Trezor suite doesn’t “speak MATIC language” and you can’t interact with these non-ERC20 MATIC tokens sitting on the Trezor. That’s why Metamask is needed.
  3. Metamask speaks the native MATIC language and can interact with the non-ERC MATIC tokens sitting on the Trezor and Metamask can also interact with the MATIC network.
  4. Coinbase did warn me that if I sent non-ERC20 MATIC tokens that they would be lost forever. I guess I thought that if they were sitting in the Trezor that they had to be ERC20 MATIC tokens. I was wrong.

So this lesson cost me 7 MATIC. Glad I performed this test and learned this very confusing lesson.

Thanks for the support and hopefully this thread will prevent others from making this mistake.

I have the same problem, now I have learned that I can find them on MetaMask, but it is not clear to me whether I can send them from Metamask to my Trezor, will they automatically change from MATIC to ERC20?

No it won´t change the network automatically.
If you want to do such cross-chain transaction you have to use some bridge.