Cant find my trezor MM public key

i recently bought trezor and was quite comfortably using it with MM. but on this frightful day i had to uninstall MM and when i tried connecting trezor to the wallet, couldnt find my public key where i have stored/moved my tokens.

Every time i try connecting MM to trezor i get whole list of new public addresses (except the one i was using previously).

i have read previous posts, most mentioned about correct pass phrase…as far as i am aware there is one 1 passphrase and if i dont punch in right, i wouldnt be able to authorise a transaction (so passphrase is right for sure).

Look forward to your help, this mishap is worrying me now.

You have to enter the exact same passphrase you used to start using for the first time for the address to appear! Pay attention to capitalization!

hi @sj_kuruvath
I have the same issue, I lost my account and I am not able to find my account in the list. I am using the same passphrase as I used in the first time.
Did you find a solution to recover your account?