Can't find my right wallet on Trezor

I just bought a new Trezor one for my aunt, after install and run start up (with I inactive passphrase funtion) after that I transfer all my coin to HW wallet via metamask but I can’t confirm any transation after check everything I found out that my hw wallet isn’t match my wallet, via connect hw wallet to a new google chrome accout it’s show another all new wallet address. I been on this field for years so I think it’s the passphrase issue that’s why it’s in another wallet, but as I said I already turn off passpharse funtion at the start so now I so confuse how can this happened now I can still use metamask on the 1st wallet (the wallet that have all my coin) but can’t transfer out and can’t recover because now it’s not the same wallet anymore when I try to connect hw wallet in metamask, already try factory reset with right seed.

could this be a error from Trezor side ? because I’m sure that I already disable passpharse…

Did you type anything in this popup?

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I know it’s look like I type wrong passphrase but again “I disable passphrase right after I set up my Trezor”

then leave it empty, do not type anything, that is the way to enter standard wallet, it is also written in that popup as you can see.

I “disable” it so it’s not even show up that’s why I’m saying I’m sure that it’s not a passphrase …

yes, I understand, you don’t use passphrase.

do you see that popup with a passphrase field when using MM? If yes then leave it empty.

Sir if I disable it on Trezor suite, it will not show up so there’s nothing to fill in.

then if you see some different addresses then you have actually used passphrase

it doesn’t matter if you disabled it or not, standard wallet withou passphrase can always be entered even with passphrase on.
So you have used passphrase or using wrong seed.

How can that’s happened since I set up Trezor disable passphrase then after that I connect hw to metamask and it’s not show the fill in passphase …

and using wrong seed is a joke since it’s a new Trazor that I just set up, but If you say it’s an error that Trezor do an error link the old seed that I reset it before this one was more make sense.

there is no error, you either used passphrase or you didn’t.

If you didn’t, your coins are in standard wallet without passphrase. If you did the addresses would be different from standard wallet

Yes I know that cause I use it in other device, but this one I’m sure that I’m not using it and some how this happened so there’s no others option for fixing this ? I mean my funds is there in metamask and I can’t transfer it out … it’s just not make any sense.

do you see any error in MM? OR do you see different addresses?

I suggest to uninstall MM and start again, try different browser, also try MEW:

MM just freeze if I confirm transation, thing is I can’t uninstall MM because of this MM is the only one MM that I can link this wallet. I try to connect Trezor on other PC it’s show difference wallet as well, the other way is connect to BIP39 that I never try cause i’m not sure how to. MEW can connect to my right MM that got my coin but still can’t transfer out MM just freeze after confirm.

you can link Trezor to any MM installation, it is still same wallet.

No it’s not the same, the only thing I think would work is if there’s anyway to export private key from my MM that’s have the right wallet

I use the right seed but It’s show the wrong one it’s look like I use passphrase but I’m not that’s it haha

you have wrong understanding of things, your Trezor and MM are separate wallets with its own keys, you are onky using MM interface which means you can connect Trezor to any MM on any computer

and if you used different computer and it’s showing different addresses then you connected incorrectly.

OMG please I know that sir, thing is it’s show the wrong set list of wallet and I connect it right. I got 7 Trezor here and use it’s for years on 4 PCs this is the only one that got the problem