Cant find my FTM in Wallet

If I already sent fantom to ethereum and a token wasnt added yet can I still retrieve it since Metamask says it was sent/completed?

Thanks! However to be clear since I think that would be the strategy in the future if I didnt already sent. So here are the steps I had taken between Metamask and Trezor.

  1. FTM was sent from Metamask on Fantom Opera Network
  2. I used the ETH address on Trezor (I didnt have Fantom Token added yet)

So it is technically sitting on the Fantom Blockchain and didnt make it to Trezor.

I have since added the Fantom token to Trezor.

I understand your issue and that is what the post is saying, connect to MM and add FTM chain to it… you will see your tokens there, you just need to access the chain that’s all…

Thanks again for your help but I am not understanding. When I connect Metamask with chainlist and Trezor, I add the contract of the submission in right? But how do I revert it back to Metamask?

I don’t understand your question…there is a button that switches between chains if that is what you are asking…otherwise there are separate accounts for Trezor and metamask.

Just follow it, the process to see your tokens takes a minute.

When its added in Metamask, it still shows it as sent. How do I revert it? see here.

so where did you send the tokens? From Trezor or to Trezor?

if it was to your Trezor then pair it with MM as instructed, because it looks like you have not done that…

Yes its connected, see here. I was sending from Metamask to Trezor (sending Fantom to ETH address by Trezor).


it says Account 1…if it was Trezor it would say Trezor 1 usually

you need to click connect HW wallet, you need to access your ETH address via MM, this way you will see your tokens.

Going to add in the set up steps you referenced (which I appreciate). But I still dont understand how to retrieve.

  1. When I sign on to Metamask, here is Trezor12. image

  2. Here is Trezor and Chainlist connected.

you are connected to the wrong address as you can see, you need to connect to the one where you sent it, ending with …6df7