Cant Find Hardware Wallet

Hello! I cant find my hardware wallet since I had to reinstall metamask extension. Im entering same passphrase and I login into same mm dummy account but when I try to connect hardware wallet the address that I used before is no longer there… When I use same passphrase in trezor suite it still logs into same mm dummy account with same address but not in the hardware one where my funds are… Seems like 2 addresses use the same passphrase - the metamask dummy one and the hardware one from trezor. So its always login into metamask which is empty and cant find the other one from Trezor.

It is recommended to install mm in a new browser, use the new mm to connect to the trezor, and find the original address.

I still dont get the same account. I forgot to mention that I used a passphrase from trezor so I created a hidden account where my funds are located and now when I use the same passphrase Im getting completely different address.

The passphrase must be exactly the same: upper and lower case, full-width half-width characters, etc.

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Hello Everyone,
I have installed my trezor and I have my wallet but I accidently added the money to my test net ether wallet. Trezor suite I cant access the wallet trezor suite but it shows up on metamask. what can i do

Send eth back to the exchange and re-extract on erc20.