Can't activate XRP

Hello guys!
Explain plz how can i activate my XRP account?
I know that i need to keep 20 xrp on my balance. I have made 3 transactions already 9.8 + 5 +29 xrp , but they are still stucked on the way & balance is 00
Also appears only XRP adress without TAG. Is it the reason?
What shall i do?

Hi @olgadei

Your have to use correct address (the one you are trying to access and want to send funds from at some point) and the transaction has to be confirmed.

When you are receiving Ripple (XRP) in your Trezor wallet, you don’t need a destination tag.

the minimum was recently lowered to 10 XRP

Thanks for ur answer.
Once my Ripple adress is active will i recieve XRPs that was sent previosly?