Can't Access Wallet After Mar 22 Firmware Update

I updated my firmware on my wallet. I cannot access the wallet. I follow the set up wallet to go to recovery as outlined on your site; however, nowhere in the screens following your instructions is there a recovery option. I have successfully tested my recovery seed so that works. Going into Exodus, it appears my coins are in the wallet. So, how do I go about recovering my Trezor hardware wallet?

WOW not a single reply since March! if i knew Trezor support was this bad i wouldnt of bought a Trezor!

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There are plenty of topics that cover all issues including this one. No need to start duplicated topic, thank you.

neeeeeed help.
i updated my wallet ( trezor one) today. after update they said reconnect your wallet. after that my device doesnt work. the display is black, cant connect to pc. what should i do

open a support ticket: