Can't access my ETH wallet on Trezor T with MEW

Hi ,

I bought a Trezor T a few years ago in 2018 to store my ETH on it.
at the time, there was no native ETH support on Trezor so i used MEW with Trezor to store my ETH.
for first few months everything was ok and whenever i wanted to access my wallet i just connected my Trezor to my laptop and go to MEW and select connect to hardware wallet and it use to bring up a list of wallets and i chose the one i wanted and everything was fine.

but recently, when i connect my Trezor to my laptop and go on to MEW and connect it to my Trezor, my particular wallet that i have my ETH in does not come up anymore.
i get a screen asking me to chose the wallet i want to interact with but my wallet does not come up at all.
i keep clicking next page and i get a list of another 5 wallets but no matter how many times i click next i can not get to my wallet.

to clarify, i still have my seeds and can access my Trezor via Trezor suit or other methods but just can not see my public wallet address when i connect MEW to my Trezor.

Please help.

Hi @Gholimoli,

Do you see your ETH when you use Trezor Suite?

no ,i can not see my ETH at all through Trezor but when i put the address of my ETH wallet in to etherscan then i can see the full balance there so i know my coins are still where i put them in the wallet.

Try the web wallets at and
If that doesn’t work, try another third party wallet, like MyCrypto or Metamask.