Cannot see account in trezor suite with MM


yesterday I wanted to use my trezor with metamask.

I logged in succesfully with trezor with my pin, created a metamask account and connected trezor to it.

I took note of the metamask address which I know is not connected to trezor, then took note of the trezor addres.

I made a transaction of 0.1 bnb from a wallet to trezor and then sent a little back to the original metamask wallet and allowed me to sign it and all went great.

I then proceeded to remove metamask, reinstall, and connect the trezor with the same exact details because wanted to make sure I could access it without issues.

When in select hd path, the trezor wallet address no longer showed.

I have used the same pass phrase as other threads mention it must be that, I only ever created one which I have taken note of, the one i first connected metamask with the transactions and then after reinstalling.

These are my questions:

  1. Why are there 100’s of ETH addresses when being asked to select an address in “select hd path”, even the first time using it, where are these generated from and how?

  2. Where did this address go that I made the transactions with the trezor/metamask wallet after reinstalling and reconnecting the trezor to MM?

  3. I had not dicsonnected my trezor and simply followed the instructions on metamask to reconnect the trezor after reinstalling but hat address simply dissapeared so where have I gone wrong exactly?

  4. I have checked other threads and used FindETH to check and find the eth address but it is always not found? I use the trezor address I noted when connected to MM the first time and did the transactions. I see it on bscscan with the BNB still in there.

  5. Trezor never asked for a seed phrase when I reconnected the first time after a very long time and only the pin when I made a new MM account and connected trezor. What is the difference between the pin and passphrase, is the pin to simply unlock the device?

  6. I tried again this very moment to reconnect, and used the same passphrase as I did with the first account which I did the transaction and the same accounts show. I am just so confused why that account I made the actual transactions with just dissapeared, i cant remember if all the other accounts were there which show now but because I took note of the trezor address in metamask I remember that one which no longer is the first one in the list? I mjust be doing something wrong as per the threads, just have no idea what?

  7. I use a hidden wallet I think, how can I tell if this is the case in trezor? Update: think I do as it has a padlock on the left.

  8. I actually have a 6 sedd phrases for the trezor when I first used it. IfI lose the trezor device, it breaks or just cannot access my wallets through it. Do I get my trezor wallet back by buying another trezor and importing the 6 seed phrases? If yeah, any other way to retrieve my wallet with the seed phrases?

  9. When a wallet is ejected and then a hidden wallet is added again, and I use the same, ony one passphrase I ever created, does that wallet get retrieved or it creates a new hidden wallet with the same passphrase? Update: Think it does as it retrieved it I believe with the label I had created.

  10. 1 of the words for my seed phrase is shake/share, these can never be entered on the Trezor as it always autocorrects to sharp/shame, is this a bug or am I missing something where I can override the auto suggestions? Luckily I have made 6 seeds and type the others to simulate recovery.

Sorry for lot of questions, just worried as that wallet dissapeared and luckily only did small transactions, want to know what I did wrong and how to get it back to make sure and put my mind atease that it wasnt trezor which is likely the case but need info on how to get that wallet back.


@trezornoob as you read in other topics, if you see different addresses, then you are using wrong passphrase.
That is the answer to your questions 2,3,4

1.- addresses are derived from your private keys

5.-Trezor does not ask you for the seed when reconnecting. PIN is to access your device physically. Passphrase creates a hidden wallet


so you don’t have the issue anymore? Have you accessed the same wallet and see the coins?

That is how passphrase work, 1 passphrase = 1 wallet, if you mistype you create a new wallet

8.- If you mean you have 6 words than you have not recorded all of them, you need 12 or 24 depending what Trezor model you have

9.- same wallet is retrieved, as answered in question 6.

10.- if it corrects to sharp/shame then you are selecting 20 words in your Check backup, which is only for the advanced backup. You have to select correct number of words.\

Thanks @forgi for the quick answer.

  1. So these hundreds of ETH addresses in “select hd pat” are generated automatically from the trezor private keys? Anyway to remove those that i do not use or simply hide them?

2,3,4 - I just read on another thread that if a different passphrase is entered in MM section “enter xxxx passphrase” then trezor generates a different wallet address? Is this the actual case?

5 - Which cases will trezor ask for a seed phrases? When it is reset and thats it?

6- No I still do, I meant 100’s of addreses are still there, just not the one I made the transactions with (Waiting for the answer on 2,3,4 to get semi defiinitive answer to my issue).

  1. So is a hidden wallet indicated from the padlock on the left in Trezor?

  2. I have a Model T with a shamir backup of 6 seed phrases, 20 words each, 4 mnemonic phrases to recover the wallet. If I lose the trezor device, it breaks or just cannot access my wallets through it. Do I get my trezor wallet back by buying another trezor and importing the shamir backup 6 seed phrases?

8.a - Is there another way that i can use the shamir backup to recover the trezor wallet other than buying a new one?

10 - Correct words are used, see point 8. 20, I simulate recovery correctly, that word just simply cannot be entered on the device and is autocorrected as per my first post.

Thanks for the help and answers.

  1. definitive answer is that you are using wrong passphrase and as I said before, mistyped passphrase creates a new addresses (there is no “wrong” passphrase)

You can’t remove those addresses and you don’t have to use them either, they are only there for you to select if you are opening new wallet

Please read about Passphrase and Seed carefully here:

Yes, seed is needed for the recovery only.
If you are talking about red paddlock on the device screen, then no, that has nothing to do with passphrase, it locks display.
Only you know if you created a passphrase wallet.

If you have shamir backup than the only possible words are sharp/shame, the other one is from standard list, so you mispelled it

  1. I recovered the wallet from that answer and never knew it creates new wallets from misstyping the pass phrases and confused me, wrote different combinations I could have used or mistyped and found the right one after locking MM and forgetting device a few times.

10- If you have shamir backup than the only possible words are sharp/shame, the other one is from standard list, so you mispelled it

you are 100% right on this then and must have not wrote it correctly as have an idea what it could be, will try a sim recovery later.

These answers I still need:

7 - If you are talking about red paddlock on the device screen, then no, that has nothing to do with passphrase, it locks display.

I see a black little padlock, think it is meant to show it is a hidden wallet, just want to make sure thats what it means cant find anything about it anywhere.

  1. is the only way to recover the trezor wallet/s from buying another device if the one I have is lost, broken with the shamir backup onto the new Trezor T

There is no other way to recover the wallets than this way?

If you mean this padlock in Suite then yes, it is hidden wallet, it also says “Hidden Wallet”

If you mean something else, send a screenshot


Yes, you will need to find out correct/same passphrase that you typed before to access your coins.

Thats the one ty for confirming, mine actually doesnt say hidden wallet anywhere, only a black padlock which why wanted to confirm.

Final question, so if the Trezor is lost or cannot be used anymore for example broken or something.

The only way to get my coin/tokens/wallets back is that I have to buy a new Trezor T, enter the recovery Shamir seed phrases I created from the last Trezor T and there is not other way to recover them other than getting a new Trezor T?

There are some other wallets supporting shamir, for example Electrum

1- Ok, so that means that I can recover the wallet from any shamir supported app/device and get the wallets back and dont need a new trezor.

2- Btw why didnt FindETH search wtih my Trezor find the eth address then if it actually does exist? It only searches the address of the wallet you are connected to?

  1. because you entered wrong passphrase so you have different set of addresses

Ok thanks thing I know what the issue was.