Cannot revert stuck PAXG transaction

Hi folks,
I tried to send PAXG (ERC20) to another wallet address using Trezor.
It seems that the transaction fee was to low so that it got stuck. Several attempts with higher transaction fees did not succeed because the transaction before was still pending.

So I tried to pair my Trezor with Metamask and send 0 PAXG with the same nonce of the stuck transaction to my own wallet address in order to revert the transaction.

I tried both sending 0 PAXG and 0 ETH to my wallet address but MetaMask always says: “Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘map’)” and the transaction is not queued.

Is there another option to revert stuck transactions where Trezor can be used?
Thank you very much.


Cancelling the transaction using MetaMask did not work due to a bug in MetaMask. I managed to revert it using MyCrypto which also allows to set the nonce manually.
Problem solved, thanks.

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