Cannot get the transaction confirmation popup Trezor Connect to open - connected via Meta Mask

Hey guys, so I have my Trezor connected to my Meta Mask, you know how we get a transaction confirmation webpage popup Trezor Connect after we confirm the gas fee on Meta Mask, well till now for me, the Trezor Connect popup always automatically opened, when I confirmed the gas fee on Meta Mask, but for some time, it hasn’t been opening.

So what happens is that I confirm the gas fee on Meta Mask, and then nothing happens. The tx hash doesn’t get generated, and I’m stuck, the tx shows as pending.

I have kinda found a solution, in that I reset my wallet, and then it works for like a few transactions, and then it is stuck again, and then again I am forced to reset my wallet.

Is there a permanent solution to this issue?


I have been having the same issue for a few weeks now. I updated firmware, which helped for a few days but issue has returned since.

Did you manage to get it resolved?