Cannot find MaidSafeCoin on my Trezor One, yet it is on list of supported coins

I bought some MaidSafeCoins with the intention of storing them in my Trezor One wallet. Before I made the trade, I checked Trezor’s list of supported coins, and for the Trezor One it says “Transfer Sell Recieve” and “Trezor Suite & Third Party Wallets”.

But when I try to add coins, MaidSafeCoin doesn’t seem to be on the list. Am I missing something? How can I add MaidSafeCoin to my Trezor wallet?

Hello @Nmin,

The MaidSafeCoin is an ERC20 token, which means that it can be sent to your Ethereum receiving address.

I recommend checking this article on our website that explains how ERC20 tokens works and how can you receive them in Suite.

To add, MaidSafeCoin is also an Omni layer token, which is also supported by Trezor devices. However, no existing wallet software supports Omni layer on Trezor, so the only option is to hand-craft transactions and submit them via Electrum.

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