Can you use 2 Trezor wallets on 1 (same) Metamask extension?

Trying to do this - can’t get the wallet of my second account to come up when setting up…

Yes you can, you are basically just adding addresses derived from Trezor private key.

And each wallet has its own unique private key.

So if you create new wallet (using passphrase feature or different seed) you will be offered different list of addresses that can be connected. Just choose desired one and it will be added to the same MM interface.

So the challenge is currently my first one says “Trezor 1.” When I click “Add Hardware Wallet” it makes me “forget”/remove the first one to be able to add the second one…

You definitely can add more other accounts by simply clicking on Connect Hardware Wallet (and exporting your public key). See picture below:

Hmm the issue I have is when I connect my second it doesn’t find that wallet addresses (it reverts to the first Trezor wallet address). So it then makes me remove connection with the first one. You don’t have that issue?

if you are not able to see desired address in the list offered then you are accessing wrong wallet (most probably by entering different passphrase).

No, that’s odd.
Have you tried reinstalling the MetaMask/using the extension in another browser ?

@aslokir You just need to reboot the machine and go to metamask again, then adding hardware wallet (for second trezor). the first trezor account will not be replaced.

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