Can Trezor T be used to manage multiple wallets/seed phrases?

I just ordered my Trezor T. Was just wondering, can I use Trezor T to manage several different wallets with different seed phrases? For example, one Metamask, and one Atomic Wallet?

Hope my question makes sense and thanks in advance for any help!

Hi @tzatoshi
You can pair your Trezor with any compatible 3rd party app/wallet. However those apps are only an interface in which you can perform operations for certain coin on your device.

Your private key never leaves the Trezor when using these third party wallets. In short, you are still using a hardware wallet (your Trezor, and it’s unique seed that is always securely kept offline) with these third party wallets.

And then there is a passphrase feature which allows users to create hidden wallets.

Thanks for the explanations!