Can Trezor support Polygon (MATIC), Binance Smart Chain and other EVM compatible chains under metamask?

Thank you! The best thing is that it is supported here.

I am sorry for asking but is there a manual on how to add a new erc20 token to Trezor account? Thank you in advance.

chick add token in the suite wallet under eth wallet

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Thanks a lot! Really appreciate your help.

Hi! When will trezor support other networks like BEP20 or TRC20, Fantom, Polygon?
ERC20 is not profitable because of its fees!

it is all supported just not by suite .
you can use it with metamask wallet , all the chains can be used.

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TRC20 is not supported

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my God, I forgot to say TRC20 is not supported.
just see this list

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Is it safe to pair a Trezor with a metamask? Did I understand correctly that even if I send the tokens to bsc, they will not be visible on the Trezor itself, only when connected to the metamask?
And why such difficulties, you can just add network support, and not connect to third-party applications

yes,it just use mm as a bridge
It may be that the software engineers of trezor are still busy and have no time to study adding links to the suite.

I’m confused. So, my understanding is this… the goal of a hardware wallet is to have your private key located on your hard wallet. A browser extension wallet like MetaMask stores the private key in the browser, which is on the computer. So, it’s not stored in as safe a place as the hardware wallet. The entire purpose of the hardware wallet is to store the private key AND all of the crypto tokens and coins ON THE TREZOR itself. What I see happening with all of this above is that we are simply adding these non-bitcoin and non-Ethereum tokens and chains, like Avax token on the Avalanche network, and the BNB coin on the Binance Smart Chain, TO METAMASK and simply connecting Metamask to our Trezor. But what’s the purpose of doing that when the private key and the actual crypto is being stored WITHIN METAMASK and not ON YOUR TREZOR, where it is meant to be. What value, if any, does having coins and chains on metamask and then connecting Metamask to your Trezor actually provide?

It doesn’t seem like it provides any value. It certainly doesn’t safely protect your coins, because if someone has your metamask seed phrase stored on your computer, they can still steal all your coins and they’re gone. That can’t happen if the coins are actually stored ON THE TREZOR and your seed phrase is actually stored ON YOUR TREZOR.

Trezor, what value does this serve if we can’t natively add these networks and tokens to our Trezor wallet?

What value does having a MM wallet with coins on it (and not on the trezor) actually provide? What’s the point?

You don’t understand this.
Coins are never stored in wallets! All wallets actually store private keys. Coins are all on the blockchain.
When trezor connects to MM, MM does not act as a wallet. MM is just a bridge for the interaction between trezor and these chains.
The private key is still in the trezor. Never in MM. Because no matter which computer’s MM wallet you use, as long as you insert the same trezor, you can find the address of your wallet.

Thanks BtcLtc. That makes sense. Thank you. I got confused because I have some Strong nodes on my MM, and I need to import that MM seed into my Trezor in order for it to work work properly and be protected by my Trezor, so I got my wires crossed with how it works when someone doesn’t need to migrate their MM seed. Thank you. That clears things up. Below was the video that I watched which imports the seed phrase vs simply connecting to the Trezor.


Importing the seed from the hot wallet into the cold wallet is actually a potentially risky operation. If your hot wallet seed has been obtained by hackers, the imported trezor assets will also be imported.

Hey! How can I use Trezor with mobile Metamask on Android or iOS? (there seems to be no way to connect a hardware wallet), or through another wallet, the main thing is to support the BSC network and others

you can’t, there is no support for HW wallets on mobile version at the moment:

Maybe other wallets support?
For example, Mycelium supports Trezor, but there is only a BTC network.

Hello on top of this, does Trezor support TerraStation wallet, same like metamask?

Information on how to use EVM compatible chains with Trezor (Polygon, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain) can be found here: How to use EVM compatible chains with Trezor (Matic, Avax)