Can Trezor be used to interact with Polygon Defi protocol on Balancer directly?

Currently I have some tokens in my metamask (MM) wallet that I have bridged into the Polygon (Matic) mainnet and be used for Defi at Balancer. Is there a way I can transfer these tokens (on the Polygon mainnet) to my Trezor wallet, and use them to interact in Polygon Defi at Balancer directly using Trezor?

Hi @trumanknight888

As for Polygon (Matic), it can be set up via MM and used with Trezor. However, not sure whether the interaction with Balancer would work directly with the account generated by Trezor.


I have 2 additional questions:

a) Can I store WETH through Metamask in the Polygon Mainnet on the Trezor?

WETH on Polygon is not listed here: Trezor Hardware Wallet (Official) | The original and most secure hardware wallet.

b) Why not?

Please refer to my number (a, b) when answering.



@vamonosrafa your post was already answered in the topic you created.
Please avoid crossposting.
Thank you.

No, you wrote “afaik” and “however I suggest you to do your own research” (this sounds as if the author is just another community member - are you from Trezor?).

Where else shall I research than at the companies support?

I need a clear statement. Otherwise I risk to loose my funds.

So are you from Trezor?
If so, please ask a collegue who can confirm your “afaik”.

(I also asked Polygon, but they send me to Trezor.)

Hi @vamonosrafa

Since Polygon is EVM, it should be possible.

Because, it’s not officially supported.

Although some coins and networks are not natively supported, they can still be used with Trezor.

Ok, then I better store in in Metamask.
It’s a huge amount and I don’t want to loose it.

Thanks anyways!