Can´t see my BTCs or my wallet

A friend has a Trezor One. About 2 years ago, he transferred almost 0.5 BTC to the wallet address bc1qxsvl55nasstvmeamuutgd8k4ghf5qta5ffvm39. He didn’t use his Trezor during this time. A few days ago, he wanted to check the balance, connected his Trezor, and it showed a balance of 0. We verified on another PC with a different installation of Trezor Suite, and it also showed a balance of 0.

When he transferred his 0.5 BTC from Binance, he saw in Trezor Suite that it entered the destination wallet. He is (almost) certain that he didn’t create a hidden wallet. We checked the Trezor seeds, formatted it, reinstalled the seeds, and still, the balance is 0. The question is: is it possible that Trezor Suite doesn’t detect a wallet associated with the seed? Is there any way to “force” it to verify if the wallet bc1qxsvl55nasstvmeamuutgd8k4ghf5qta5ffvm39 belongs to those seeds from Trezor? Thanks in advance.

That address has 0.0005 BTC in it… I just looked.
Did he do the transfer from binance in a single transaction?
What does his account history at binance show?
Does the address on trezor match the address in question.
Did he make a note of the xpub for the BTC account?
Or make a note of the ETH address (as these never change, it’s useful to match it with the seed)

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Thanks for your answer.

Sorry, the address is: bc1qexmweh6dqka34j5rezf9h7n6jhzx0ed65e5542
The other one was a test, to the same wallet.

The Trezor wallets currently do not match the one I sent from Binance. Both transactions, the one for 0.0005 and the one for 0.5, are on Binance, going to two different wallets. Since I understand that Trezor changes the receiving wallet, my question is whether with those 24 seeds, it’s possible that the Trezor (or Trezor Suite) cannot find the wallet that holds the BTC.

no it uses the xpub address, which would find all funds from all related addresses regardless.
to me it would seem that either the seed is wrong, or a passphrase was used to access a hidden wallet.

Was the send to address careful confirmed on the trezor and checked when pasted to binance, ie not interfered / altered in anyway by malicious software when inputted to binance?

There sometimes can be issues where the derivation path has changed, so your not on the same path as the first time. You might want to do some googling on that idea, I’m not that good on this type of thing. Does receive address now on the trezor start with bc1q ? if it does, then it’s likely not that…

You might be able to use an electrum wallet with the trezor to lookup large numbers of potential BTC addresses.

It’s a pity you don’t have the xpub noted down anywhere or the eth address to confirm a match on the seed / passphrase. Since eth address never change.

do you have access to the test address at the moment?

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