Can’t find send/receive buttons in Suite desktop app for Windows

I just installed the Suite software on my windows PC. I created a Wallet and was able to see the receive button right there in the software and used a QR code to send bitcoin to my new wallet successfully. Now when I go back and select that wallet, I can’t find anywhere to either send, or receive, there are no more buttons to hit.

I do use high contrast mode with large fonts, because I am legally blind, so I’m not sure if that is affecting why I am not seeing a send or receive button anymore.

Hi @crujones

Please note that Send, Receive and Trade buttons are always located at the same positions no matter what account/cryptocurrency you used as shown on the picture below:

Thus if you have not changed the setting (in terms of contrast and other attributes) the button should still be at the same position even if you have previously received or send any transaction under the same account.

In the upper panel of Trezor Suite app there is five icons (upper right corner). The one on the very left, which has the symbol of an eye is a discreet mode. When activated it blurs all the sensitive info (such as balance or addresses).

If you are able to see that could you please activate it and provide the screenshot of the Suite interface - showing the account where you have previously received the fund and where the receive button should be located as well?

Thank you in advance.

Thanks, the three dots on the right side of the screen were not showing in my dark themed high contrast mode. But the cursor turns to a hand when it’s over it, and so now that I know where it is, I can access the send receive and trade functions. It’s interesting that most of the other functions seem to show up on the screen, so not sure why this button doesn’t show, but I think it’s an issue on my end. I am all good now. Thank you.