Can´t find 5th ETH address on Trezor

After i had no access to an address on my Trezor i was able to import this address to a Metamask.
I am now able to do transactions by signing my Trezor and confirming my passphrase.
Why can´t i find this address on my Trezor suite?
I tried to use the passphrase which i use to sign transactions to enter my hidden wallet.
But the address is different.
If i use wrong passphrase why can i do transactions on my imported Metamask address?

I appreciate any help.

Hi, you are using wrong passphrase, so new wallet was created with different addresses. MM is a separate wallet, it does not sign transactions on your Trezor addresses.

I imported that address to Metamask.
That means the address is still on my Trezor.
I can open Metamask and choose the address from Trezor.
If i do any transactions i need to enter PIN on Trezor and passphrase.

When i open Trezor suite and enter passphrase for hidden wallet i see different address.
I know how the passphrases work.
But i don´t understand this situation.
If passphrase is wrong, why would i be able to send funds with the address from Trezor which i imported to Metamask.
Trezor 5

this is your 5th address, do you have 5 accounts in Suite too?

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where can i see how man accounts i have?
this is what i see

i know i have also one hidden wallet.

it says 2 accounts on your screenshot :slight_smile:

That means you do not have 5 ETH accounts (but in MM you are looking at the 5th address/acount), and you need to add them with a plus button, if the previous 4 are empty you will not be able to add them.

It looks to me like you do not have any issue, if you were able to add Trezor 5 account to MM and you see the balance then try to send a transaction (you could not have added it unless ou used correct passphrase)

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I tried to add more ETH accounts but as you said it is not possible because the previos ones are empty.
How was i able to create account 5 and more important, how am i able to add account 5?
do i need to send some funds to each account?

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you created it in Metamask because MM allows you to do that, Suite does not. Or you can just simply send everything to your first address.

ok i solved the problem now.
i send some ETH to the account#1 to create another and repeated this until account#4.
after that account#5 (the missing one on Trezor) showed up.

thank you very much forgi you helped me a lot.

If you can´t find an address in your Trezor suit but you see it in your Metamask.
Check what name Metamask gave your Trezor address. For example “Trezor5”
Go to Trezor suite and create another account.
If you can´t create it because it says it is empty, send some funds to this address and you will be able to create the next one.
Repeat this until your missing address shows up.
In my case i had to create 4 accounts, after the 5.(missing one) showed up.

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yes that is one way to do it too. there will be option to hide accounts too in the future