Can not send coins from metamask trezor connected wallet

I have problem.I can not send tokens back from metamask trezzor connected wallet.
I created trezor according to information in trezor website.
1 .I got metamask account
2. I bought trezor and installed trezor suit 24 words seed phrase
3. I connected metamask account to trezor but i didint saw my existing account i created new one.
4. I sended some tokens to new account and now i can not send them back because of unknown adress error.
5. I recovered my metamask in other browser but i dont see trezor account in it.

Then i tried to fix it myself.

  1. I recovered trezor with seed phase of metamask and created new metamask account and now i can see my first metamask account and i can send tokens from it using trezor.
  2. But still i can not see trezor releated account i created beforeā€¦
  3. And i can not send anything from it.
  4. So i recovered trezor with the seed phase 24 words i created in the first place to try to do the same but i can not see metamsk account and i can not send anything from it.
    What should i do?

Please give me some steps to fix this problem.

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