Can I use Trezor Model T seed on Trezor One?

Scenario: I have a Model T holding my Axies and only my Axies at least for now. I would like to know if I can retrieve those same NFTs using the Trezor One with the same seed. Is that possible?

Preparing for a scenario where I lose my Model T, I’d like to buy the cheaper option since Model T is sold out on every authorized reseller around me. I wouldn’t wanna buy from unauthorized ones for security.

Hi @tartbak3r,

Trezor model T and model One use different seed lengths, 12 words for model T and 24 for model One. It’s possible to use 12 words on model One too, but it’s not a trivial process. Besides, model T supports more coins and functions than model One, so it’s a general bad idea to use model One as backup/reserve for model T.

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