Can i unlink one address trezor to normal address?

Sorry for ask this.

I play game and i can’t access that game because have notice :
Metamask message signature : EROR: Not Supported on this device.

All of my NFT can’t move because this, can someone help me and tutor how to unlink address in trezor ? (i need to unlink 1 address back to normal) because if still need sign trezor i think i lost my funds.

Need help Sir…

Thank you very much for your attention.



you have to update your FW.

You cannot unlink, you have to send it a different address

send what sir ? NFT can’t be sent

then what are you trying to do when getting this error? you are trying to sign transaction…

Also, I can see this game is based on Biannce smart chain so make sure you are using correct network

the problem is, the game based on binance, but for nft hero based on polygon.

That why always error