Can I trust this particular Trezor One? Please feedback. Thank you!

A full 2nd setup with new seed phrases after “One” not recognized after 1st setup.

So, I received my Trezor One (packaging did not look tampered with), set it all the way up and received my 24 seed words and set up my pin code. Unplugged it from my laptop. Reconnected it and it was not recognized (even got the generic name for my wallet instead of the name I chose).

I was prompted to go through the whole set up again. This time I receive 24 different words.
The original 24 words allowed me access during the test.
The 2nd set of words displayed an error message, “The seed is valid but does NOT MATCH the one in the device.

How/why would it give me a 2nd set of words, then not recognize them as valid from the same device? Should I worry it might “forget” the original 24 seeds that work to access it?

I’m hesitant to transfer any assets to it as I haven’t seen any mention of this happening before, and I can’t reach a human to talk to for support.

Also, during the initial set up, the display was fine. During the second set up the display edges looked jagged (was that intentional? It felt so, but I’m not sure).

Thank you.

Hi Mel,

First of all, please make sure you are connecting to our official website only

Next, please, reset your device completely by entering bootloader mode, see instructions This process will erase firmware and current wallet (generated from your seed). Afterwards, please reinstall the firmware again.

Lastly, recover your wallet by entering your already existing seed, or create a new wallet (then you will get a new recovery seed). To make sure, everything is all right, check your seed afterwards by using Dry-Run Recovery feature.

Thank you, Pavel.
To be very specific, should I do a Factory Reset first, or go straight to the Firmware Update? I do have my recovery seed and no assets on the device. I wanted to register a second one, too. Thx again for your help.

Theoretically, both options are possible. However, in this case, please choose Factory Reset. If you have your recovery seed, it cannot do any harm. By doing this, you will know that your device is properly set, official firmware will be installed with the latest version available.