Can I restore my money from lost wallet?

I know I was mistyping in my passphrase and I don’t know where the wrong character is. The question is I will lost this wallet address forever? Any chance to restore money from that wallet address?

If the passphrase is lost/ forgotten, it can only be found by guessing (brute-forcing) which is often technologically and economically infeasible (read impossible). The difficulty of guessing the passphrase varies depending on the strength (complexity) of the passphrase.

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So what should I do? Is there any plan to recover the wallet that user forgot their passphrase? I know the exact address but I can’t do anything, just sit and watching my coins in there T_T.

as it has already been stated: the only option for you would be to guess the passphrase (try any possible typos you could have made when creating new hidden wallet).

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