Can I export seed after initialization?

Hi guys!

Can I export seed after initialization? I can’t find it at home and need to have access to it.
The thing is, this seed/PK is connected to a Stacks (STX) account. But they don’t support Trezor, only Ledger. So in order to access it, I need to have a seed and then initiate a Ledger with that or directly use it in their wallet (not so much safe ofc).

As I don’t have a seed, I can’t export my account to a ledger or use it in a different way. But I still have full access to my Trezor.

Is there a way I can export seed from my Trezor? Or do you have a similar problem with Stacks?

As far as I know, after setting trezor, there is no other way to export seeds. This is the reason for storing seeds well.
Looking at other posts, the answer given by others is also to transfer the funds, re-create a new wallet and record the seed.

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Yeah. That makes sense. But the problem is I cannot access my STX to send it away. I need the seed first.

go find it in your room .
It is said that an advantageous hacker can extract the seed from trezor and even bypass the pin directly.

how did you manage to link the seed to the STX account if they don’t support Trezor?

just use the seed to recover a ledger