Can I access to any of my hidden wallets from other client than Trezor Suite?

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I’d like to know if I connect my Trezor wallet to a MetaMask instance or if I import my seed phrase to another client I’ll be able to access my hidden wallet.

I’m talking about this: Passphrase ~ Hidden wallet.

The real question is: is the Trezor Suite the only possible way to access to my hidden wallets?

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You can. Access is fully possible as long as other apps support the passphrase feature.
ledger also supports passphrases. In software wallets, I know that Mycelium can independently support setting a passphrase.
MM seems to only have the option to enter a passphrase when connecting to a hardware wallet.

the list of apps that support passphrase can be found here: Apps - Trezor Wiki

If passphrase in BIP39 standard, Why there are only few wallets support passphrase?(Trezor, Larger, Safepal)

there are many other wallets that support passphrase, see above

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