Buy Trezor on ebay?

Hello it is safe to buy a used one on ebay?, and what i have to check after buy?
are it possible to generate new keys?

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it is not safe
I think there are some things you can’t check at all

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I bought one from ebay and I want to make sure is safe to use it, is there’s a way to make sure for use or is there a factory reset type of thing with this?

Hi @manueled1495,

You can Factory reset your Trezor device on the web wallet, after you’ve set it in Bootloader mode.

Note that the old web wallet on will retire at January 31st, in favor of the Trezor Suite web wallet and Trezor Suite for desktop.

However, if you bought the device used on eBay it may’ve been tampered with inside, so it’s not safe to use even after you’ve reset it to Factory defaults. It may be fine though, because it’s not easy to tamper with in hardware. You must assess the risk yourself.


Thank you so much, will do as you told, will also use a new wallet to connect with with almost to nothing of assets to see how it plays out with a week or 2 until using it on my personal wallet.

You’re welcome. Good luck!

I’m new here. As the wallet is quite expensive, around €300, I’m thinking of buying a sealed one from ebay. Is it safe?
@manueled1495 what is your experience?

Hi @alfredino,
we can recommend buying Trezor only from our Trezor eshop or official resellers.

There is a chance that the device can be tampered with if you buy it from an unofficial reseller.

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