Bug !, problems with the addresses generated with the bitcon legacy xpub and the paths generated for some addresses. balance problem

Good morning, today I received a transaction.
but it is not reflected in my balance, the payment address generated for that payment corresponds to the xpub delivered by the trezor, which uses the sentinel application that sees the operation without problems and Blockpath: Wallet which helped me see that unlike the other operations the path that is not seen in my trezor is the “m / 0/106” being the latter a non-common path. The serious problem is that I cannot access those bitcoin because the wallet gives the error of insufficient balance, but the btc is in my wallet…

in this case what can be done ??

Thank you very much for your answers.

P.S. I looked for cases like mine in this forum but I did not find something similar.

Hi @djose1512

Please, try connecting your device to

Trezor Wallet https://wallet.trezor.io/
Trezor Suite https://suite.trezor.io/
and Electrum

And let us know whether you get always the same results and if there is any progress.

Hi, import the trezor to electrum, and the problem is the same (we alredy test Trezor Suite and trezor wallet), importing the trezor to electrum only reflects the payment addresses generated up to a certain point. I am VERY PRECOUPED BY THIS BUG, ​​it certainly is because even though all the payment addresses do not appear, the balance that reflects the trezor IS NOT THE REAL ONE, and therefore I cannot have all my btc.

according to this tool Blockpath: Wallet and sentinel APP:

the addresses that have money are:

m / 0/4 1Az4KvxdUYhzhcT7uvjDkuaLTp4jeZMD1i 0.00012046 BTC 0.00012046 BTC
m / 0/12 1C2dz1gQWYhYzCYS6wJ17utUsesgrnzEAq 0.0000769 BTC 0.0000769 BTC
m / 0/14 1HNNNYp3ugDRKaHaZDtmZLHR4kKMqyyKPq 0.00010814 BTC 0.00010814 BTC
m / 0/106 1GDdQmwTtiQYjyPFac34RR8z7wSmZEx4gS 0.00793089 BTC 0.00793089 BTC

however the path “m / 0/106” is not reflected in the trezor. avoiding using these btc, But STILL THE MOST WORRYING OF THE BUG IN THE TREZOR is that the total sum of the balance is made by the transactions that the explorer certainly calculates and not the actual balance that the wallet has.

The truth is, I need an effective answer to this dilemma, in addition to the official Trezor documentation they say that it is virtually difficult to create more payment addresses than it can support and having about 20 unused addresses should repeat a question that obviously did not happen.

Using the path .../0/106 is unfortunately way beyond the gap limit as specified in BIP-44 and subsequent formats.

In layman’s terms: if there’s more than 20 unused addresses found after the last one (.../0/14 in your case), Suite stops looking. The funds on the address at .../0/106 will not be seen.

This is not configurable in Trezor Suite. You will need to use a 3rd-party application.
Ideally you should use the same app you used to generate the address to spend the funds.

It is possible to manually increase the gap limit in Electrum:

  1. open your wallet
  2. click View → Show Console
  3. in the Console tab, type the following command and hit Enter:

In recent enough version of Electrum, this will take effect immediately. Electrum will display your address, refresh your balance, and it will be possible to spend the funds.

Another possible (but tedious) work-around is to send funds to the intervening addresses: you would send funds to address .../0/33, then .../0/52, then .../0/71, then .../0/90, and at that point the gap limit is bridged (there’s funds on every 19th address), and the address at .../0/106 becomes discoverable.


thanks, this work !!! now the transacction is listed in my wallet in electrum. :grinning:

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