BTC Wallet address for full transaction history


I have a Trezor and for the life of me, I can see my balance but I cannot find the associated BTC address. I can see some addresses used in the past, but none of these have all of my current transactions to date. How do I see which BTC address my current balance is associated with?

thank you

you don’t, it does not work that way. By default Trezor gives you fresh address for every transactionfor security. Then shows you the balance from all addresses, likewise when you send tx it does all the calculations for you and pulls it together.

If, you want to have everything on one address, then just use one address (new or any of those in history, they still work).

So how do I get all the transactions? I need this for my taxes…

you can export the whole transaction history of certain account in various formats by clicking on the three dot as shown on the picture in the link below:

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