BTC transaction from "Bibox" to "Trezor"

Guys! Can anyone help me out? Basically i need to withdraw btc from my bibox account to my “Trezor One”. What Transfer network should i choose? BTC or BSC? i can see that transaction fee is much lower with BSC. But i don’t want to loose assets by mistake! My Trezor wallet’s BTC account address starts with “bc1…” . Please help)


It is important to realize that BSC network is not completely decentralized unlike Bitcoin blockchain, also if you decide to go for BSC network (because of smaller fees or faster transactions) please note that you won’t be able to use native segwit format of BTC address (starting bc1…) as this one is not supported on BSC - it is basically Ethereum-compatible blockchain using Ethereum-like format of addresses.

Also please note that BSC is not natively supported by any Trezor interface so you won’t be able to access and send your coins without using third party app such as Metamask.
See Use MetaMask For Binance Smart Chain - Binance Chain Docs