BTC shows sent on my device but I didn't send any!?


I plugged my device in for the first time in about a month and my BTC is showing as sent from the last time I plugged in my device but I didn’t send it. At that time the device prompted me to update the firmware and the BTC was there when unplugged the device and everything seemed fine. Is it possible to recover?


Recovery is only possible if you have the seed phrase also called recovery seed. If you have backed this up in a safe space and offline you will be able to recover to any wallet.

What I don’t understand is what you’re describing. If your private key is compromised (like making a photo of the seed phrase and storing it on a digital device) then it’s likely someone is moving things, but otherwise your explanation misses a lot of information and therefore I assume the worst scenario.

Never ever backup your seed phrase digitally always keep this offline and in a safe space. Also, buy a metal backup like the Trezor keep metal or something similar.

Has this issue been solved?…were there any actual coins in your wallet?