BTC confirmed sent but not received in my trezor wallet

hi all,

looking for some help to trace missing BTC.

i sent 4.2 BTC from my nexo account to my trezor account 12 hours ago but my trezor wallet is still showing zero balance.

i generated receiving address - bc1qn6ype8u5kgj672mvsez9wz9wt9wk22tzd5vprp - on my trezor

and the transaction id is - ce433979b7d128f24d08e1fdb9be3f7c768adb92727a86d0b837e5175a63299e

my trezor has the latest fw and i do not use the passphrase feature.

i’m hoping this is just a dumb mistake on my part but can’t deny i’m a bit worried.

any help appreciated…thanks


It’s a scam site, impersonating official Trezor support, which they’re not. Please don’t use it. I’ve flagged and hidden the original post now but they post here in this forum every day. I’m also editing your message so it’s not an easy clickable link, in case others want to go there.

thanks…i was feeling more and more uneasy about it.

looks like my BTC has gone though, expensive mistake but don’t see how it happened. :frowning:

Such a large sum may have a lot of inputs, which will take time for the miners to check. Also, the time it takes to check depends on the gas you used, since the miners tend to check the transactions with the highest gas first. So your transaction may go through yet.

You can check your transaction status at any time here:

takk for det.

i have checked the bitcoin explorer and it seems to show 4.2 BTC going into my receiving address…then going out again about 7 hrs later - when i was asleep.

i am in no way an expert on interpreting this stuff and i thought this was a very simple and basic transaction.

expensive lesson, i think.

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

Don’t give up yet, it’s only been 21 hours or so. I’m not an expert on interpreting Bitcoin transactions either and I don’t see a status indicator like “Pending” or “Completed” when I search for your receive address and TX ID (which is for the gas fee it seems to me), so I can’t say what’s happening there at the moment.

The amount going “out” is just the output summary after checking the inputs, I think. It doesn’t mean your Bitcoin has gone to another address than the one you used.

You should wait for a Community support representative to check this for you. They should be coming to work just about now. :slight_smile:

will do.

thanks for the input. you may say you’re not an expert but obviously better than me.

hopefully a community support rep will pick up on this.

cheers again.

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Hi, yes, it is clear that it was sent away. If you did not make this transaction then open a support ticket please:

thanks at least for confirming that.

i have opened Ticket ID: 139688.

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