Brave browser issues - cannot sign transaction

Hi there. My Brave browser keeps crashing or fails to provide me with the signing of transaction option when I try to transfer my tokens from my MetaMask Trezor wallet. I spent all day trying to find answers on internet or YouTube but no luck. Does anyone have any advice how I could retrieve my tokens?

I am unable to see this wallet or other Trezor wallets on my MetaMask. I do have an accurate record of my passphrase. Tried various remedies already. I highlighted what’s not coming up when attempting transaction in the pic.

However, I managed to transfer tokens from the Firefox but not at a first attempt. Not sure what’s been happening here. Any advice highly appreciated. Thanks.

Hi, Brave is not a supported browser, use Chrome or Firefox.

In brave try to disable shields, otherwise try the usual steps, change USB cable, clear cache, incognito mode, make sure popups are not blocked.

Never heard of changing a USB cable. What this might be to do with? I removed most of the securities from the Brave including all shield but no luck. Feel rather stuck with this process and worryingly locked out from accessing my funds. Thank you.