Box damaged with chemical inside plastic wrap

I’ve just received delivery of my Trezor model T. Immediately I noticed some form of damage on the box. I couldn’t work out if it was just the plastic wrap or the cardboard, so I removed the plastic wrap.
Somehow the cardboard box has been damaged with some chemically-sweet spelling liquid, underneath the wrap.
The device itself looks fine, and the holographic sticker is intact, but should I be expected to accept this - considering the cost?

To add insult to injury, this was potentially a gift for someone next week so it looks a little naff now - like I’ve bought it from a discount bin.
Plus, I’m a little concerned the liquid may have made it into the device - how would I know?
I have photos if asked and have also raised a ticket via the bot (Ticket ID: 149899) but not sure what to do here.

This was purchased directly from the Trezor Shop website.

provide pictures in the email response and wait for the answer please, your device will be replaced.