[BLOG] Trezor Suite and Firmware Updates December 2021

I upgraded Trezor Suite, Model T, and Trezor One models to the new firmware, I created a taproot wallet, per your recommendation in the release, with the Model T. It does not show up in the One model. This is worrisome since you also suggest moving assets to the new taproot address. Can you address this? they are the same wallet, acting as backups.

Hi @geckosonic,

thanks for reaching out to us. I just checked the latest Trezor Suite version with my model One and added the Taproot account successfully. Please connect your Trezor One, go to the wallet and try to add a Taproot account once more, you should see it in the drop down menu of available Bitcoin accounts.

Sorry, this bug continues. I added the Taproot to the Model One , then I loaded the model T, and the Taproot was gone. Then I went back to the Model One and the Taproot I just made was gone.

Can you reconfirm what version of Trezor Suite are you on? Go to Settings - Application and all the way down you will see the current Suite version.

Version 21.12.2 (

Try to reset the app in Settings → Application. If that doesn’t help, try to reinstall it please.

I have reinstalled Trezor Suite (MacOS), and the Taproot wallets disappear on both models.

Thanks, what exactly does it mean that it disappeared? Does it mean that you add the Taproot account manually, then it is visible in your account list, and when you reconnect your wallet later, the added Taproot account is no longer visible? The thing is, if you add your Taproot account but never use it (don’t receive any funds), it disappears from the visible account list on the left.

Yes, It is gone when I plug it back in. I have several new and heritage wallets on the trezor at 0, and they have never disappeared. If you are serious about me trying to lose my money, I suggest you try it yourself with your money first. This behavior of the Trezor is UNACCEPTABLE, It is not how the trezor has worked for years. I and the rest of the community deserve a real answer. Please research this and answer us. At this time I have zero confidence in this Taproot change.

One more thing, do you have your “remember device” setting active? If not, every empty account with no transaction history disappears unless it is a very first account for each activated coin. That is a default behaviour, not a bug.