Binance account sent BTC on wrong Network to Trezor Segwit Bech32. Coins Missing

Binance account sent me BTC to my Trezor which produced a bc1 wallet address (Segwit Bech32).

The sender chose the wrong NETWORK but correct wallet address. Binance has confirmed they cannot recover the coins.

The TxID is not on Blockchain at all anwhere.

How do I get the coins in such situation. I have bee directed to Electrum and setting up Metamask to pull the coins through. Any advice would be most appreciated

on Binance you can only choose Bitcoin network or BEP20, however you cannot send coins to bc1 address on BEP20 since it is completely different address format.

Check if the coins actually left the binance account, if yes, send me the actual transaction ID from Binance.

It says not to disclose transaction ID publicly… is there a way I can send it to you privately?

Its important to note that I have received BTC to the exact same wallet address from other binance accounts without any issue

I will send you the DM.