BEP-20 Coins Transferred from Trust Wallet

Hi All,
Decided to transfer BEP-20 coins with an ERC-20 address into my Trezor form a Trust wallet. Address confirmed from my Trezor. At first, I thought the issue was that I inadvertently sent the BEP-20 coins to an ERC-20 address which based on my research is not an issue. Seeking guidance on how to resolve.

Hiii there @VPasquin

Please check this post by Kolin as it explains quite well

You should if you haven’t already active ETH account.

If you have further just let us know.


Hi @VPasquin,

If you sent your BEP20 tokens to your ETH address, you will not be able to see these tokens in Trezor Suite as BSC (Binance Smart Chain) is not natively supported. You need to connect your Trezor with 3rd party wallet (for example MetaMast), add BSC to networks and add desired BEP20 token to be able to see and manage this BEP20 token.

this issue has already been discussed several times.
For example in the following thread: ETH Transfer with BEP20 (BinanceTR) can't be seen in my Trezor Model T - #3 by bsoysal