Because only 12 words for recovery and not 24 which has more security -Safe 3 model

In the Safe 3 model it says that it has a recovery of 12 words and this is a positive feature. However, I see it as a negative because it is normally 24 words, as are in the ledger wallet. What have I not understood? Aren’t 24 words safer than 12?

Not in any measurable sense. Neither 12 nor 24 words can be brute-forced.

It’s kind of like, you could make your front door twice as thick to make it twice as hard for a burglar to beat it down with an axe … but it turns out that your standard thickness doors resist axes just fine, “stronger burglars with bigger axes” aren’t really a thing, and you shouldn’t be spending more of your security budget here (and instead focus, e.g., on windows).

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