Batch transaction confirmation?

Hey there Trezor fam,

I was just wondering if Batch Transaction confirmation has ever been thought of or discussed. I looked at the GitHub page for the Trezor Firmware, but I don’t find any mention of it.

I understand it might not be possible and or go against the security measures of the Trezor, but it could be a useful option for bigger corporations that send hundreds to thousands of payouts via a Trezor wallet.

Hi Byron,

This is unfortunately not possible.

I noticed that you have already got detailed answer on our subreddit from our firmware witch @matejcik :wink:
I am just going to quote his answer here so that other forum users can see it right away:

Supporting transaction batches, without verifying each and every destination address, is only marginally more secure than using a hot wallet: the same malware that would steal your seed can slip in any number of transactions that pay out directly to the attacker.

If you’re ok with skipping confirmation for a batch, I suggest the following configuration:

  • keep the bulk of your funds, and the main receiving address, on a Trezor

  • when needing to confirm many transactions in a short timeframe, first send the total amount to a hot wallet and then use the hot wallet to send out to true destinations

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Appreciate you following up MichalZ :).
I had a few organizations asking me the question, and I assumed it wasn’t possible, but thought it would be good to get an official answer from Trezor.

Thanks again!