Background process "Trezor Suite" starts randomly

Since I’ve installed trezor suite 21.8.1 (downloaded from I have the problem that from time to time there starts a background (following the info of taskmanager) process called “Trezor Suite”. When I view the properties of the process in task manager I see it’s the process:
c:/users/administrator/AppData/Local/Programs/Trezor Suite/Trezor Suite.exe
The process starts as well as I start the application trezor suite or it’s not started.
I care about the process because it has so much cpu usage: 20%.I must kill it manually or restart my PC.
I din’t yet try version 21.9.1 because that is a pre-release and trezor did not yet send an email for update.

Hi @chacelac,

I just checked in my PC and there are no Trezor Suite.exe running in the background after I exit Trezor Suite Desktop. Are you sure you downloaded the app from The latest available on that page is version 21.8.1. I haven’t heard that v21.9.1 was released.

My trezor suite (a day ago) gave a popup: “there is an update available”. I believe it spoke about 21.9.1. I didn’t perform it.
On github trezor releases it speaks also about a pre-release 21.9.1
When I do a “check updates” now it says my trezor suite is up to date and when I check the current version it’s 21.8.1
You didn’t have this update popup yesterday?

No, I didn’t get this message yesterday and I just connected my Trezor Model T and didn’t get that message now either. I also checked for updates from inside Trezor Suite and there were no updates. :man_shrugging:

Hi Petosiris,

For sure I have reinstalled suite 21.8.1
Can you do me a favour: please check the size in properties of the downloaded windows file of
I have 119 765 192 bytes

Yes, that is what I get too.

This is my second reinstallation of trezor suite 21.8.1; I will wait and see whether I still have the randomly “Trezor Suite” backup process with high cpu usage.

Great, we’ll see if that helps. You should also run an anti-virus scan and get rid of any virus it detects. Afterwards, maybe reinstall Trezor Bridge too.