Avax gone from wallet?

I’m not sure I set up my metamask properly and I got taken, or my metamask with trezor doesnt support avax and it got sent to a dummy account. I sent 1.06 avax from my coinbase to my metamask wallet. It never showed up in my metamask and when I investigated on snowtrace it said it got sent to a random wallet that had no other transactions. Am I screwed or what?

@ted search for Avalanche mainet here and add it to your Metamask: https://chainlist.org/

Also, you can send me the transaction ID. Transaction don’t go to “random wallets”, you either copy pasted wrong address or you created passphrase wallet.

Hi Forgi. I think I have a similar problem. I sent AVAX from Coin Base Pro to my Trezor using an ERC-20 address - which never showed up. I don’t have Metamask - will I be able to recover the AVAX if I set up a Metamask wallet and link it to my Trezor?

Thank you very much!
I had also problem with unvisible AVAX, so i connected avalanche c-chain with my Metamask wallet thru your chainlist link.
It works, now i can see my avax in Metamask wallet.