Avalanche (AVAX) Not Showing Up In MEW or Mycrypto

I bought some AVAX on Coinbase and sent them to the Ethereum address on my Trezor, but they are not showing up in either MEW or MyCrypto.com, although all my ETH and tokens show up fine. Did I do anything wrong or am I just missing a step? Any help would be appreciated.

hi @malcolmg11
what network have you used?
Please note that AVAX is running on it’s own mainnet and not ETH network.

Thank you. I don’t know how to check the network Coinbase used to send AVAX. However, I did send it to my Trezor Ethereum address. If Coinbase used the Avalanche network instead of the Ethereum network do you know if this means my coins are lost or will they eventually be returned to the address at Coinbase?

Apparently AVAX and ETH have the same address format.The coins showed up when I accessed them through Metamask linked to my Trezor.

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