Atomic swaps - Bitcoin Change Addresses

I am trying to test out atomic swaps using this solution: GitHub - comit-network/xmr-btc-swap at 0.9.0

I have the sellert address and my monero address but I don’t know how I can find or use my Bitcoin Change Address.
./swap --testnet buy-xmr --receive-address --change-address --seller

Any help is much appreciated, really enjoying learning more about this technology and testing out new things. :slight_smile:

Hi @cryptofuture,
I am not familiar with the atomic swap solution, but you can find your BTC change addresses in Electrum wallet, for instance. Here is how to connect to it with your Trezor:
More details on change addresses in general can be found here:

Thank you. :slight_smile:
I followed the instruction and managed to connect my Trezor to the Electrum wallet but both address types are returning 0 (receiving and change addresses) but when I open my Trezor suite I clearly have X BTC in there.

@cryptofuture Did you choose the correct account type? Do you have your coins on “bc1” addresses, or on addresses starting with “3”? Which ones do you see in Electrum?

It had a 3. I did the setup process again with all things default and got the bc1 addresses with all the correct balances. Thanks so much for pointing that out!
Now I’m ready to try to use some BTC to test out this technology, looking forward to it, thanks so much! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

That’s great, thanks for the update!

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