Api coingecko has been blocked by trezor suite

hi, Since I last updated my trezor T every time I conect it the following message appears

API COINGECKO HAS BEEN BLOCKED BY TREZOR SUITE or something like that, does anyone know what this means?


hi, @jean
there’s been a bug in latest release:

We are already working on the fix.
Apologies for inconveniences.

hi again @jean
we have figured out how to get rid of that annoying dialog window.
In order to do so you need to delete the content of the folder related to Suite called “Cache” on your drive.

What operating system do you use? I’m asking so I can share the path in order to point you to the right folder.

I have the same issue, i’m using windows 11

Hey guys how are you!?

i have the same issue im using windows 10 pro.

Mine is working fine now after installing the firmware! thnx guys take care


Please delete the content of following folder:

Hi, I uploaded to Trezor suite 2.4.3 and now the same problem with api.coingecko.
I don’t have C:\Users<user>\AppData\[email protected]\suite-desktop/Cache. When I search in windows I can not find above file.
Any idea? Thank you, John
Windows 10 Home

2.4.3 is the version of firmware.

What is your current version of Trezor Suite ?

Hi, thank you: 22.2.3

Hello, current version is 22.2.3

Please try reinstalling the app.

Also, make sure that you have enabled hidden files in Windows. (in order to delete the necessary file as mentioned before).

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@MichalZ, I am having same issue. I’m on Macbook Pro with M1 (Apple Silicon). I do know how to find hidden files, but don’t see anything related to Trezor cache files. What is the file path for M1 Macs?

fyi, I’ve tried deleting and re-installing the Trezor desktop app (version 22.2.3-arm64). But every time I connect my Trezor to the app, it gives the api.coingecko error. I have to “force quit” the Trezor Suite app.

Thanks for help!

Hola Michal.Las transacciones que realice con mi Trezor en mi PC quedan registradas en mi AppData Roaming ? Y si es así. Cómo anominizo o escondo estás transacciones para que no puedan ser encontradas.Gracias por tu apoyo


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