Any method using Trezor One on window 7?

I just realized the software, Trezor Suit, not compatible with my computer - Window 7 (32 bit) - after I bought Trezor One. However, I try to find a way to use it on my computer. Then, I came up with the idea that using Trezor One through Trezor’s web app so I do not need to install Trezor suit on my computer. But, it didn’t work because the computer not recognize Trezor One and require to install the driver that only can be installed through Trezor Suit.

Therefore, anyone have a way to use Trezor One on Window7?
Please help, I will thanks a lot.

Hi @SakonnatA,

You don’t have to use Trezor Suite for desktop in Windows. If you want to use the web version of Trezor Suite, you need to install Trezor Bridge first from Can you do that?
Read more about Trezor Bridge here:

After you’ve installed Trezor Bridge, check that trezord is running in the background by looking in Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Delete). Please also check the Trezor Bridge status at

I don’t know if Windows 7 is supported by your Trezor device, but if you cannot install Trezor Bridge or Trezor Suite, then I guess you have to upgrade your Windows. Or use Linux, but that’s a whole other matter entirely. Windows 7 is 13 years old and doesn’t receive updates anymore. Your PC is vulnerable for attacks from Internet and malware of all kinds, which is dangerous with crypto trading.

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thank you so much. I will try and feedback ASAP.

It work man. Thank you so much

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That’s great to hear. Glad to be of help.