Any chips or other details altered on the Trezor Model T pallet

Hello, I bought a Trezor Model T from the official site 5 months ago, when I got it I did not check how it was sealed with USB and I plugged it in directly, created a wallet and sent it to BTC ETH Trezor wallet, 1 month ago I usually took back my BTC ETH in the same quantity, 5 6 days I read on the forums before that you can open it and change any details on the pallet so that the warning does not show me on the Trezor’s screen, now I’m in doubt and trying to figure out if my Trezor Model T is the original.Please write me all the check methods to check and make sure it is original, can I open it and see if there is any change on the pallet?Thanks!

Hi, did you buy directly from us? If yes, your device is perfectly safe.

There are holograms on the box (Model One) or on the port (Model T), device comes without FW and you create your own seed words (private key).

Yes, I bought it from and it was brought to me by UPS, But I was not informed that I had to check how the hologram was stuck on the port, also I do not remember if it was recorded FW, so I wrote this post to find out is there any way to check it all out finally?

Have you ever had a case where a scammer changed the FW or any chip on the pallet, and was not warned by Trezor when turning it on?

We have measures in place that will detect this and you will get a warning in Suite. Your device is safe.

Thanks for your attention!
Another question, if I save my BTC in Trezor Hidden Password wallet and after a few years something happens and Trezor it closed, will I be able to recover my BTC which was on my Hidden Password account? On any other wallet?

you can recover on any wallet that supports passphrase functionality.

Last question, if I disassemble my Trezor and see if anything on the physical pallet has changed, will it cause any problems for the device or me?Because I’m very jealous and panicky

depends on how carefully you do it, it is not meant to be disassembled so I do not recommend it.

If it does not work after that you will lose your warranty and we will not replace your device.

Understandably I am responsible for this, I wonder is there any information on either side of the board that cannot be shown to anyone else? I have a request, can you tell me in this post how to have both sides of the Trezor Model T board so that I can pick out my and your picture,Just give me a picture of the original Trezor Model T board


These codes must be the same if another code can be written to my Trezor chip?

STM32F427 VIT6 = type of the chip, so that should be the same.

The rest is production numbers so they will be different.

Understandably, thank you so much, please do not delete this post.

On the fake Trezor Model T, an official firmware update can be recorded?