Another Noob Question(s) Here

Hello, appreciate any help:

  1. I see my test ETHn deposit for $10 as one transaction, I also see the balance of my deposit but I do not see the second transaction listed where I deposited the balance of my ETH?

  2. My ETH address that I used prior on 11/11 is not working when I try to deposit Matic? I added the Matic Token and am using the ETH address I used several days ago to deposit the Matic. The address was placed in my allow list 7 days ago and previously used successfully?

You’re referring to an allow list in an online exchange, I assume. There’s no “allow list” in Trezor software, as far as I know.

Polygon (MATIC) is an ERC-20 Ethereum token and is transferred on the Ethereum network. Just generate a receive address on your Trezor device in the Ethereum account and use that to transfer MATIC into your Trezor wallet.

The Matic will not transfer to my ETH address in my Ethereum #1 account. The exchange suggested I generate new address. I read that I need to establish a new account in my Trezor to generate a new address.

Although I certainly can do that, it does not address why the transfer will not work to the ETH #1 account?

I was hoping to avoid setting up multiple accounts just to do this transfer…

It should work if you do it correctly. Simply generate a Receive address in your ETH #1 account and use that to send it to your Trezor from the exchange. Be sure to use the Ethereum network when sending it. The MATIC will be visible under Accounts–>ETH #1–>Tokens menu in Trezor Suite when it’s received.

If it doesn’t work, then please post a screenshot of the error message/situation you experience.

I used this ETH address to successfully transfer ETH to this Trezor account. The address has been in my Allowlist for 8 days.
Screen Shot 2022-11-16 at 3.41.53 PM

Also, this was sent on the Ethereum Network…I saw this on another screen prior to sending.

The error message you show here says that the address isn’t in your allowlist. To use new addresses you must either turn OFF Coinbase’s Allowlisting switch first in Settings → Allowlist → Allowlisting, or you can add the new address to your Allowlist before you use it to send your ETH.

It’s not possible to see if you did it correctly when you haven’t filled in any data.

Why the address in your Allowlist doesn’t work now, when it worked before, is outside the scope of this forum and a matter for Coinbase to answer.

Out of an abundance of caution I did leave out the addresses being a Noob and not understanding if there were any related issues. Am I correct that that all this is public on the Blockchain and as long as I protect my PIN and Seed Words I can share images of the screens for sending the Crypto?

I went back to Coinbase and they were not seemingly helpful: 1) reinstall Trezor app on computer, 2) use incognito window (does this make sense with the Trezor app?).

The transaction IDs (addresses) should be blurred or masked when you post images, yes. Tx IDs are considered sensitive information because other people may use it lookup what you have of funds. Especially public addresses from your accounts, which online exchanges often ask for, will reveal much about your funds in that specific account.

It’s true that your funds are in the blockchain(s). Your Trezor is just a key to your assets there. I’m not an expert on blockchains so I can’t say how public the data are, but even if someone lookup the data in the blockchain from a transaction, it doesn’t identify you as the owner. The connection between you and your funds are mainly an issue in online exchanges which have Know Your Customer (KYC) routines.

For instance, say your local tax authorities demand access to user data in an exchange, they can then see the connection between you and your transactions and follow the funds to a certain extent. So for privacy reasons it’s important to use a newly generated address every time, if you can, and not reuse old addresses.

It doesn’t always work though. When sending ERC-20 tokens to your Ethereum account, you always use the Ethereum account’s Receive address. Two different ERC-20 tokens, MATIC and SHIB for instance, will have the same Receive address (but different Contract addresses).

You can try and reinstall Trezor Suite and use an incognito window in your browser, but I’m not sure if it helps anything. Make sure you use a compatible browser, either Chrome or Firefox.

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Thank you for a continued valuable conversation…from a Noob. I disabled my Allowlist and set an alarm on my phone. I will try this again after the Allowlist is disabled…and go from there! I use Chrome and “believe” the incognito window and cashe comment from Coinbase was a way of saying, “I don’t know what to say to you, less than valuable customer.”

Thanks again!!

Thanks again, disabling the Allowlist did it! Coinbase was not helpful and I think I will move on to another exchange. Will research Kraken now?

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Glad to hear it worked. :slight_smile:

I can’t recommend any exchanges. After what happened with FTX it shows that no place is safe … Personally, I stopped storing my funds on exchanges some time ago and now only store them in my Trezor. I use Invity to buy, and MetaMask, Uniswap or similar to swap from one coin to another.

I understand that you want to use an online exchange until you’re comfortable with using only your Trezor for storage, if you want to go that route.

The most important thing is to learn how to use Trezor. Read blogs, this forum, watch videos, learn by reading in the Knowledge Base, and see support when you’re wondering about a specific problem or need support. You can also follow the unofficial Reddit group and ask people there, but beware that scammers may lure you into a trap. Don’t accept help on PM and never give out your Recovery seed or Passphrase.

Please do not perform a task with your Trezor if you’re uncertain how it’ll work. Reseach it on beforehand so you’re sure about what you do!

Good luck!

Well, thank you. I can say that Youtube has been quite the gift in all things education…on so many topics. Between The Coin Bureau, Altcoin Daily, Steve at OpticalArt, Benjamin Cowen, Invest Answers, Bankless, Eric Crown, Real Vision and others…I have fallen so deep in the Rabbit hoe of Crypto (since December 2021), I think Vitamin D deficiency will cause my demise!

Thank you, and yes: 1) I’m well aware of the scammers and not clicking links or giving out any information, 2) the cold storage option that I just began [after the months old purchase of the Trezor] just began a week before our message exchange here, 3) I realized on a recent video on Bankless leaving an exchange is my direction now, 4) I moved almost all of my coins off Coinbase, 5) I have Fiat on Coinbase and need to move that [do I place this into stable coins and if so USDC or ?], 6) thank you for the suggestions on Inivty as this is the direction I realized I need to move into for purchases of Crypto, 7) I set up Metamask account months ago but need to learn how to integrate it into my life, 8) I have a few coins that are very low value, maybe $100 to $200 like EOS, Polkadot, Solana, it appears that SOL and DOT are not on Etherscan and I need to learn how to store them, EOS comes up but how to I know if the EOS I see on Etherscan is the same EOS I have on Coinbase?

And further, when will I ever see the Sun again?

Thanks again!!

The Invity video I saw does not look like the interface on my Trezor?

You can do that. I’ve stored them as ERC-20 tokens in an Ethereum account so far but I see from the Supported Coins & tokens list that now it’s not required.

EOS is supported by Trezor Model T but you must use a third party wallet,, to interact with it.

Polkadot (DOT) and Solana (SOL) are not supported by Trezor.

It’s cetainly not easy to see from here when I don’t see what you’ve found on Etherscan and what you have in Coinbase. :slight_smile:

Yeah, about that – be sure to learn MetaMask (MM) thoroughly first, before you start to store coins there, either in your connected Trezor wallet or in MM’s native wallet. Many support requests here are about MM.

Maybe the video is older than the current user interface in Trezor Suite? I don’t know, personally I’ve never seen the video.

Through the window? I often browse nature from inside the house and admire the resolution, colors, shading and so on. :stuck_out_tongue:

<<<Through the window? I often browse nature from inside the house and admire the resolution, colors, shading and so on:>>>

There are no windows in a Rabbit Hole :wink: