All my crypto is gone

Hi, i have logged into my trezor model T and all my coins have disappeared, im really stressed out about this and dont know what to do. Can any one help?

@tony19741974 heiiii

Do you see any transaction history? Any outgoing/send tx?

Because if not you might just be accessing the wrong wallet.

Do you have a standard or hidden wallet? Hidden wallet requires inputing a passphrase.

I have same problem. Month ago purchased trezor T and transferred my Btc. Today I logged in and wallet is empty. Normal and hidden wallets. I started regretting I bought it :smiley:

Hey! I have the same problem. I haven’t opened my wallet since November. I recently opened it to look, and saw that all my funds were withdrawn on January 6th. And this is the date for many. I really regret that I trusted Trezor

Please reply to our email answer to your ticket from 3 days ago, thank you.