Airdrop Scam Tokens in Wallet

There are a lot of airdrop scams out there. Today, out of nowhere, I received 250,000 Akswap tokens sent to my ETH address.

I was not expecting them. After some quick searching, I found others received the same and found it to be a scam.

The scammers try to get you to link your wallet to their website to transact with the tokens. They get you to do so because no other exchange takes these tokens. They clearly want your wallet information so you they can turn around and drain your funds.

I did not interact with their website. I did not connect my wallet. I do not want the tokens.

Is anyone aware how we can get these unwanted tokens out of our Trezor wallet?

Is there a potential risk to keeping them (even if it’s unwillingly)?

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Thank you for reporting this, so other Trezor users will be aware of the scam too.

If you want to get rid of the Akswap tokens - I guess they’re on the ERC-20 Ethereum network, since you can see them in your Trezor - then just send them to a software wallet or exchange, where you already have an account, but you can also just let them be where they are now. Then you avoid send fees too.

They’re in the blockchain, not in your Trezor, and can’t do any harm there. The possible harm was the one you avoided, by not taking the bait and make an account on their site.

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this is quite interesting. Since there is no other way to send the tokens to an exchange or wherever else it needs to stay where it is. As @Petosiris mentioned, These tokens are visible in your wallet but stored in the blockchain, so they can’t do any real damage. We will introduce a possibility to sort and favourite the tokens soon, so you should be able to move it to the end of your token list.


Thank you for the reply, @kolin & @Petosiris!

They’re relentless scammers. Out of caution, I moved some of my coins from the wallet they airdropped to. One day later, I find they airdropped me another 250K coins to the wallet I just moved to.

Glad the tokens aren’t doing any harm in the wallet, as I expect these scammers won’t let up if I keep trying to hide.

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