After reinstalling MM to Firefox I have lost my Trezor accout linked to my MM and can't recover it. HELP PLEASE

Hi there,

I have linked Trezor to my MM where Trezor created new account with new address. I had to reinstall MM to my Firefox browser and when I did my Trezor account is not there. I have tried to import account but it keeps asking me for private key which I don’t have as Trezor is the key. At the moment I have all my 12 word phrases and login details but still can’t recover the Trezor account with my crypto in it. Does anyone experienced something like that? Or know how can I add the Trezor account back in to my MM?

Thank you for any help.

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I have exactly the same problem. I have linked metamask with my trezor which gave me new account with new address. I have installed metamask in to new laptop and there is no trezor account I previously had with all my crypto. Now I dont know how to connect to it again. I have the address but dont have the private key.

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Mam ten sami problem a furt to nedokazu vyresit. Podle me jsem nikdy zadny passphrase nenastavil a pokud jo tak si to nepamatuju ale vim ze veskere kody a fraze jsem si peclive napsal a passphrase si nepamatuji a ani nemam napsanou. Dokazal by jste mi pomoct najit a pridat muj ucet zpet na Metamask?


Hi there have you sort out the problem you have? As i have the same problem and dont know what to do.



Please don’t post about the same issue in multiple forum threads. I moved your other posts into this. Also, only write english in these forums. If you want to write in another language then post in the Other Languages catogory another time.

Thank you for your understanding.

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